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We offer Finance deals on all our products



 Here's the basics:

  • Get up to £2,000 paid directly to the retailer on your behalf
  • Spread the repayments over 12 months
  • Repay weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit you
  • Clear the loan within 100 days and pay no interest 
  • What if I don’t use the 60 days pay off?


Bills keep coming in and things keep needing to be paid for. So if next months pay cheque is taken before you know it and you don’t use the 100 days pay off option, just carry on paying the monthly amount and you’ll have paid it off in 12 months.

It’ll cost you about £5 per month for every £100 borrowed. All our loans are repayable over 12 months so that’s £60 for every £100. 191.3% APR Representative.